Ben Staveley



Professionals at all levels resist help with their writing. They think: if anyone needs help around here, it isn't me. But they often let themselves down by not understanding what their readers want.


Today's young professionals have not read enough high-quality writing. So they have not absorbed good writing habits. Everyone is starting from a lower base.


Conventional training helps, but its effects fade quickly. Firms need a more significant cultural shift, to embed in everyone's consciousness that excellent writing is needed every day.

All firms face similar challenges

How I can help

As an experienced lawyer myself, I can persuade lawyers that they have something to learn.


To embed the cultural shift you need, I can inspire your internal standard-bearers with the confidence not just to correct juniors' writing, but to explain why.


People get a light bulb moment when they see their own writing transformed. I use a lot of rewriting to help small groups, or to coach individuals. I also teach larger groups.


If you want to see some examples of 'before' and 'after' writing, get in touch.


I can help you develop or improve a style guide to improve consistency and against which you can permanently measure the improvement in all the firm's writing.