Ben Staveley

Contract Drafting


In a world dominated by precedents and standard forms accessible at a click, younger lawyers struggle to understand what they should be doing.


When responsible for a first draft, they find it hard to go beyond trawling for a suitable precedent. They lack the skill to adapt it properly or to see that they might be better to craft something better from scratch.


They find it hard to pick up in others' drafting the ambiguities that make it toxic.


The result, too often, is drafting that clients find opaque and is correspondingly risky.

Today's lawyers often struggle

How I can help

I can explain why contracts usually go wrong, and how to spot the ambiguities of language and meaning that lead most often to disputes.


I explain how today's courts resolve contractual disputes, and give lawyers tips on how to make their drafting clear, comprehensive, and safe from being misinterpreted by a headstrong judge.


Because of my experience, I can train lawyers involved in big deals how to avoid something going wrong with a complex series of interacting agreements.


If you want to see some 'before' and 'after' examples, get in touch. And for a simple prospectus of what I can do -


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